for the afterlife is a project by me, thuli gamedze. I sell unique cut and sewn after-items made from found and previously used fabrics and clothes.

I've started thinking with the form and labour that already live in worn clothes. I want to re-embed their existing style into the new garments that arrive from them. I'm more interested in functional repurposing than 'up' cycling (the collar, for instance, is already the perfect sleeve). Working with used clothing is working with embodied history — while we often don't know who wore the thing, there is evidence, through wear, of the way it was worn, and how it touched the body. The garment label, the style of its seam work, and its material composition indicate its productive labour, its origin, and its time. 

The after-cycle is a kind of communion with ghosts. 


*Email me at [email protected] if you have requests for repair or fixing of items bought from me at any time (I am also happy to replace faded labels).