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Asymmetrical black top designed using a thrifted button-up shirt. The collar is repurposed as a sleeve cuff, while bottom of shirt button placket is used as the other sleeve. Pocket has been shifted, leaving a darker patch that shows the fading of the overall garment colour, and former sleeves are added to the bottom  of the shirt, wrapping around its length, and leaving a slit at one side. Newly placed button placket allows for a variety of buttoning options, and the neckline is able to open up further via the use of a newly installed placket with two silver metal snap buttons. 

[fit is highly adjustable and will fall differently on different sizes, with buttoned-up width of chest measuring 85cm on either side. measurement from neckline to bottom on front: 63cm down and variable at the back, fits up to XXL]


*Email me at [email protected] with any issues regarding purchases. Please check sizes carefully before buying — items are generally unique, and thus cannot be replaced by a different size version. If you are unhappy with your order because of damage or some unforeseen problem with the garment itself (something that seems to be my fault), return and refund or store credit can be arranged. If you are unhappy with the product for some other reason, but there is nothing ‘wrong’ with it, you can arrange your own return, and receive store credit to spend on something else… Any issues should be communicated within a week of receipt. 

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