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Made of two shirts, the button plackets meet across the top seam, meaning the neckline is created by through unbuttoning. The shirts were dissassembled, and then joined, although largely left to hang around in pieces, half a collar loosely framing an elbow, a split sleeve dangling purposely down to trail at the thigh. I find the drape of this top both interesting and kinda foreign to my style — there is a hippie energy to it that is not quite my thing, but at the same time, I feel it can be super cool when styled interestingly. One half of this top is comes from a pajama set, so it arrives saturated with the sleep and dreams of a Joburg stranger. 

The entire top seam of this garment is a button placket meaning there is scope for play in terms of how it is worn — sleeves will loosen the more buttons are undone, as will the neckline. 

[Chest measurement: 75cm on either side, 150cm all the way round; measure from neckline to bottom hem: 55cm. Can be worn by a variety of sizes, up to XXL, due to the chest measurement. Depending on wearer's size, the top may be more or less cropped.]


 *Email me at [email protected] with any issues regarding purchases. Please check sizes carefully before buying — items are generally unique, and thus cannot be replaced by a different size version. If you are unhappy with your order because of damage or some unforeseen problem with the garment itself (something that seems to be my fault), return and refund or store credit can be arranged. If you are unhappy with the product for some other reason, but there is nothing ‘wrong’ with it, you can arrange your own return, and receive store credit to spend on something else… Any issues should be communicated within a week of receipt. 

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