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FTA pants are inspired and lead by the classic wrap pant. Wrap pants are a simple, timeless pattern that require the wearer's in-depth participation when it comes to dressing them onto the body. Instead of flaring at the bottom hem, these pants flare in the middle, creating a rounded silhouette, and a taper at the ankle, where they can be worn cuffed or as is. All fabrics used are relatively thick, meant to hold the structured silhouette. 

EDIT: Originally, these were made from a dreamy print soft cotton, with gentle oranges and blues, but have since been dyed black. As a result, they now have a contrasting beige stitching. 

fits size 30–38 (S–L) 


*Email me at [email protected] with any issues regarding purchases. Please check sizes carefully before buying — items are generally unique, and thus cannot be replaced by a different size version. If you are unhappy with your order because of damage or some unforeseen problem with the garment itself (something that seems to be my fault), return and refund or store credit can be arranged. If you are unhappy with the product for some other reason, but there is nothing ‘wrong’ with it, you can arrange your own return, and receive store credit to spend on something else… Any issues should be communicated within a week of receipt. 

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